Get Your Land Ready for New Asphalt

Get Your Land Ready for New Asphalt

Our grading contractor can level your land in the Concord, NC area and provide expert paving prep services

Having a flat, level landscape is important if you plan to add an asphalt feature to it. If your land isn't in the best shape, Around Town Paving can help. We offer paving prep services for both residential and commercial clients in the Concord, NC area.

Our grading contractor will get your land settled and graded for your new parking lot or driveway. Once the land is ready, we'll then take care of any other prep work required before we can start paving.

Speak to our grading contractor today to get your land graded.

Clearing your land of potential problems

We make sure your land is fully set up for new asphalt work. As part of our paving prep services, we will:

Remove unnecessary dirt to level the land
Get rid of small trees and other objects
Install the required stone sub base

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